Quality Control

#1.Smart design,can be moved everywhere you need.

#2.big power motor,can cut both thin and thick metal plate with fast speed and guarantee the cutting quality.

#3.The CNC controller box is new design,this system is more stable when the machine working.

#4.Smart cut,cut all shapes from AutoCad.

#5.Control system is Shanghai Fangling brand F2100,which is very popular in China, with large graphics library,and easy to learn to operate. This software can support 9 kinds languages, like English,Russian and Spanish. And the most important is it can be Expanded to 4 axis.

#6.Prompt delivery,with 3-7 days,operate video for installation.

#1, After the equipment acceptance, provide 12 months warranty, the warranty period provided free of charge for parts and components defect caused by the seller and the timely and effective service.

#2, After the warranty, lifelong provide widely favorable technical support after-sales service.
After-sales service: our company after-sales service department has a dedicated after-sales service hotline service telephone, our staff is responsible for picking up the phone user, ensure to the user in the first question to give enthusiasm earnest reply after the equipment acceptance of the equipment we provide 12 months warranty service process, we will provide at least once by the professional and technical personnel of routine inspection, and provide the detailed inspection report, for the user reference users put forward clear after maintenance requirements, our company promises: the user scene in the shortest possible time sent for repair service.